Artist living and working in Espoo
Contact: emma.jaaskelainen@gmail.com

Selected exhibitions:
Paris+ Art Basel
‘La Cinquième Saison’ (‘The Fifth Season’)
curator: Annabelle Ténèze

Long, Long, Longing, Unfolding the Night 
Turku Art Museum Studio, 15.9-12.11.2023

Slo Mo Mother 
Solo show in Vleeshal, Middelburg.
April 16–July 2, 2023
Curator: Roos Gortzak

The exhibition is kindly supported by FRAME, Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Finnish Cultural Foundation


Long Long Longing, Unfolding the Night, 2023: An installation comprising of 9x marble nail clippings ca.20x10x1cm,
Egg: Marble, iron: 35x45cm.
Felt drawing: Finnsheepwool: 120x150cm.
Fireplace  executed by the technical team of Vleeshal according to the artist’s drawing.

Repose, 2021: Norwegian Rose marble, Travertino Noce, Finnsheep wool: 105cmx160cmx120cm


At Her Fingertips, 2023: Norwegian Rose Marble , found stones, iron.
90x200x70cm, 90x40x40cm, 95x45x45cm, 69x50x40cm, 60x50x70cm

Photos: Gunnar Meier

At Her Fingertips, Young Artist of the year 2023 prize exhibition

Soppa, 2022: marble, guitar string, epoxy, wool, found Spectrolite egg, branches: 105x40x10cm

Urn, 2023: Finnsheep wool: 25x25x40cm

Dumrum, 2023: Finnsheep wool, glass, rust: 110cmx115x200cm

Mother, 2022:Finnsheep wool, stockings, marble.

Fiddles, 2018: 30x24x27cm

Come Back as a Flower, HAM 


Artists: Melanie Bonajo, Carola Grahn, Eva Gyldén, Evan Ifekoya, Emma Jääskeläinen, Catharina Kajander, Essi Kausalainen, Anne Koskinen, Ana Mendieta and Elina Vainio. The exhibition is curated by Elina Suoyrjö.⁣⁣

Running up that hill, PSM gallery Berlin 21.09. – 23.10.2021
Photos: Joe Clark, courtesy of PSM
Supported by FRAME, The Finnish Cultural Foundation, The Arts Promotion Centre FInland, Kone Foundation.

Running Up That Hill..soon: Finnsheep wool, brass: 75 x 55 x 30 cm

Heavy thinker, 2021: Lappia Green marble, FInnsheep wool dyed with coffee.
60 x 80 x 75 cm
Roll, Night Watch

Chin up, 2021: Finnsheep wool, bronze, found murano glass drop:
230 x 156 x 40 cm

Cloud Number Nine, 2021: Hermelin marble, copper, iron, steel, 45cm x 75cm x 95cm

K60, Wilhelm Hallen, Berlin, 2021
Participating galleries: Alexander Levy, ChertLüdde, HUA international, Klemm’s, KOW, Kraupa Tuskany Zeidler, Plan B, PSM

Repose, 2021: Norwegian rose marble, Travertine Noce, Finnsheep wool: 105cm 160cm 120cm 

Photo: Joe Clark, courtesy of PSM

Photo: Trevor Good, courtesy of PSM

EMERGING group show, Galerie Anhava
with Emma Luukkala, Olle Norås, Joel Slotte
Photos: Jussi Tiainen courtesy of Galerie Anhava
supported by The Arts Promotion Centre Finland, The Finnish Cultural Foundation.

Night Watch, 2021: Finnsheep Wool, marble egg, thumb of a mitten
155cm x 30cm x 10cm

Roll, 2021: Finnsheep wool,20cm x 20cm x 15cm

Night Studio, 2021: Hermelin marble, Travertine Noce, Finnsheep wool
80cm x 95cm x 60cm

Put Put: A public commission by Helsinki Art Museum in Herttoniemi, Helsinki
photo: HAM, Hanna Kukorelli

Kiasma Commission by Kordelin 2.6.2020-10.1.2021 Kiasma museum of contemporary art, Helsinki, Finland
Curator: Satu Oksanen

Emma Jääskeläinen’s artwork Proper Omelette is a sculpture family whose parts spread out through Kiasma’s lobby and the 2nd-floor balcony. The work consists of two stone sculptures, a textile piece, and a bronze sculpture.
The starting point for the sculptures is the human body and the experiences embedded in its memory. Physical tiredness, sweating, and aches are also part of a sculptor’s work Photos: Kansallisgalleria, Petri Virtanen

Proper Omelette

Eggs-files,2020: Bronze, collected stone eggs: 170cmx30cmx20cm.

Protector and Black Pepper, 2020: Travertine Noce, a found stone, Finnsheep wool: 270cmx110cmx90cm

Heavy pick, 2020: Norwegian Rose marble, found stones, collected stone eggs: 120cmx130cmx110cm

Sunset Sweater, 2020: wool, aluminium, New Years tin stone eggs: ⌀500cm

Rauma Triennale Balticum, 2019: Group exhibition curated by Anna Vihma & Anna-Kaisa Koski.



Bob, 2017: Rosa Asiago stone: 40x30x18cm

TIZZICATO: Solo show, Turku Old Townhouse gallery, 2018.

Big nose, 2018: Bronze, marble dust: 6x4x8cm.

Curse, 2018: Bronze, seashells, earring: 11x1x14cm.

Sweet Chili, 2018: Bronze, seashells, stones, chili: 34x30x2cm.

Sudoku, 2018: Marble: 30x50x55cm.

Holding a Dirty Thought, 2017: Norwegian Rose marble, seashell:
18cm x42cm x18cm

Spagat, 2018: Norwegian Rose marble: 20cm x150cm x25cm.

Tit, little bitch sittin´, 2018: Paper mache, found nipple stone, branch: 7cm x6cm x16cm. 

Nest, 2018: Found stone, hair collected from the shower, seashells: 6cm x12cm.
Sad basket, 2017: Solo show, HAM-gallery, Helsinki.

photo: Pauli Talpola

Creator (New potato & Olive), 2017: Norwegian Rose marble, Jadeite, found stone. 110cm x70cm x35cm.

According to Shadow, 2017: stone, hair:
6cm x 11cmx 14cm.

Pocket Monument, 2016: Marble, wax, string, tape: 3cm x5cm x9cm.

Jam, 2016: Rosa Asiago limestone, wax, earplugs: 3cm x6cm x9cm.

Peaches, 2017: Norwegian Rose marble. 
Night call (at the back)2017:aluminium, velvet: 4cm x4cm x300cm. 

Edelweiss: found stone. 8x22x18cm. 2016
Memory of stone 2016: Acrylic: 100cm x120cm. 2016

3 min. video loop on ipad: We ran out of gas. A miniature sculpture traveling on a table in a train.

Photos: Maija Toivanen, HAM

Cargo  2016: Norwegian Rose marble, coaster (pallet), string. 8x12x7cm.

Photo: Petri Summanen

Grand meré, 2017: Marble, guilded yogamat: 50x80x70cm.

Where did you go?, 2016: Acrylic, sofa: 100x120x95cm. 

Butts 2015-2016

Balloon, string, wallplaster, latex, pigment. 

Läps!, 2015: one hour video loop. I invited people in a room to touch the sculpture. People chose how to interact with the object and for how long.

IMG_1114 from Emma Jääskeläinen on Vimeo.

Cheeks, 2016 Flow festival. The sculpture reacted to the surrounding sounds and music played in the space.

Club Guggenheim, 2015 Helsinki.  A conversation piece.

Head and Shoulders, 2018: group exhibition, Exhibition Laboratory, Helsinki. Artists: Dylan Ray Arnold & Ocèane Bruel, Lasse Juuti & Emma Jääskeläinen, Iiris Kaarlehto & Inka Kynkäänniemi

Works of H&S exhibition in collaboration with Lasse Juuti

Head & Shoulders brings together works from three collaborative practices. The exhibition is an invitation to the shared nature of living and leaving. We are at home, at your place, the waiting room, the port or beyond, saturated with stories, kind of ruins. Couches are common words. We can store our affects in and share the cloud above. While we still have hair, let’s use our hands. Head & Shoulders nourishes, takes care, heals and irritates. Working with each other encourages us to extend our intimacies towards a common ground, through frictions and excitements. A collective vision is a precarious moving composition. In Exhibition Laboratory it becomes space, forms, materials and images.

Pictures of the show: http://tzvetnik.online/portfolio_page/head-shoulders-at-exhibition-laboratory/