Artist from Espoo, Finland
Contact: emma.jaaskelainen@gmail.com


Head and Shoulders, 2018: group exhibition, Exhibition Laboratory, Helsinki.

Works in collaboration with Lasse Juuti

Sittin´, 2018: Aluminium, felt.

Pig tail, 2018: Ripped t-shirt, aluminium, bronze.

Marlboro-mies, 2018: aluminium, candle.

Sofa-pitch-split, 2018: Wood, felt, fabric, diary, Dylan Ray Arnold’s and Ocèane Bruel’s concrete cast on top.

Submarine, 2018: IKEA bag, wood, stone.

TIZZICATO: Solo show, Turku Old Townhouse gallery, 2018.

Fiddles, 2018: Marble: 30x24x27cm.

Sweet Chili, 2018: Bronze, seashells, stones, chili: 34x30x2cm.

Big nose, 2018: Bronze, marble dust: 6x4x8cm.

Curse, 2018: Bronze, seashells, earring: 11x1x14cm.

Sudoku, 2018: Marble: 30x50x55cm.

Holding a dirty thought, 2017: Norwegian rose marble, seashell: 18x42x18cm

Spagat, 2018: Norwegian Rose marble: 20x150x25cm.

Knob, 2018: Bronze: 6x5cm.

Tit, little bitch sittin´, 2018: Paper mache, found nipple stone, branch: 7x6x16cm. 

Nest, 2018: Found stone, hair collected from the shower, seashells: 6x12cm.

Sad basket, 2017: Dolomite: 30x28x30cm.
Sad basket, 2017: Solo show, HAM-gallery, Helsinki.

Creator (New potato & olive), 2017: Norwegian Rose marble, jadeite, found stone. 110x70x35cm.

According to shadow, 2017: Marble, granite, dolomite hair: 6x11x14cm.

Pocket monument, 2016: Marble, wax, string, tape: 3x5x9cm.

Jam, 2016: Rosa Asiago limestone, wax, earplugs: 3x6x9cm.

Peaches, 2017: Norwegian Rose marble. 
Night call (at the back)2017:aluminium, velvet: 4x4x300cm. 

Holding a dirty thought, 2017: Norwegian Rose marble: 18x42x18cm.

Holding for the first time: Norwegian Rose marble, seashells: 12x25x14cm. 2017

Tomtom: Granite: 18x22cm. 2017

Escargot tombé: Granite; 6x16cm. 2017

Edelweiss: found stone. 8x22x18cm. 2016
Memory of stone 2016: Acrylic: 100x120cm. 2016

3 min. video loop on ipad: We ran out of gas

Cargo (sculpture on the video) 2016: Norwegian Rose marble, coaster (pallet), string. 8x12x7cm.

Grand meré, 2017: Marble, guilded yogamat: 50x80x70cm.

Where did you go?, 2016: Acrylic, sofa: 100x120x95cm. 

Photos: Maija Toivanen, Pauli Tapola, Petri Summanen

Kuvan Kevät 2017: Master´s degree show, University of the Arts, Helsinki.

Bob, 2017: Rosa Asiago limestone: 30x40x18cm.

Peaches, 2017: Norwegian Rose marble.

Job, 2016: Granite, lemons, string, cap: 20x95cm.

Photos: Pauli Tapola, Petri Summanen

Butts 2015-16

Sculptures made in 2015: Balloon, string, wallplaster, latex, pigment.

Storaging the sculpture.

Transporting the sculpture in a cake box.

Läps!, 2015: one hour video loop. 

Installation view from Matka Taju, 2015: group exhibition, Hyvinkää Art museum.

IMG_1114 from Emma Jääskeläinen on Vimeo.
Cheeks, 2016 Flow festival. The sculpture reacted to the surrounding sounds and music played in the space.

The end

I call her Mammu: 8min. video 2015. I wrapped my grandmother’s body with soft string to map her body. I showed her the edited video and recorded her comments about it. This became the narration for the video.