Artist from Espoo, Finland
Contact: emma.jaaskelainen@gmail.com


Head and Shoulders, 2018: group exhibition, Exhibition Laboratory, Helsinki.

Works in collaboration with Lasse Juuti

Sittin´, 2018: Aluminium, felt.

Pig tail, 2018: Ripped t-shirt, aluminium, bronze.

Marlboro-mies, 2018: aluminium, candle.

Sofa-pitch-split, 2018: Wood, felt, fabric, diary, Dylan Ray Arnold’s and Ocèane Bruel’s concrete cast on top.

Submarine, 2018: IKEA bag, wood, stone.

TIZZICATO: Solo show, Turku Old Townhouse gallery, 2018.

Fiddles, 2018: Marble: 30x24x27cm.

Sweet Chili, 2018: Bronze, seashells, stones, chili: 34x30x2cm.

Big nose, 2018: Bronze, marble dust: 6x4x8cm.

Curse, 2018: Bronze, seashells, earring: 11x1x14cm.

Sudoku, 2018: Marble: 30x50x55cm.

Holding a dirty thought, 2017: Norwegian rose marble, seashell: 18x42x18cm

Spagat, 2018: Norwegian Rose marble: 20x150x25cm.

Knob, 2018: Bronze: 6x5cm.

Tit, little bitch sittin´, 2018: Paper mache, found nipple stone, branch: 7x6x16cm. 

Nest, 2018: Found stone, hair collected from the shower, seashells: 6x12cm.

Sad basket, 2017: Dolomite: 30x28x30cm.